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Do you want to become financially literate, but have never tried to invest money or receive income from savings before? Learning financial literacy online will be the first step to your enrichment! 

Novice businessmen
Are you thinking about creating a personal project that would generate income? An online course in Fundamentals of Finance will come in handy.

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Classes are held in the format of webinars. Viewing videos of lectures is available in your personal account. Each lesson is available once a week, taking into account that the homework for the previous lesson is completed

Testing or practice homework with validation and feedback

Each student can communicate with experts of the course, get the help of a coordinator in the educational process

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Start your online economics course with a free lesson. We will get acquainted with the concept of personal finance. We will learn about the specifics of some financial services, how savings instruments work. In the final part of the lesson, we will deal with investment instruments.

In the second lesson, we will touch on the history of the development of the banking system. We will discuss how to interact with banks so that it is beneficial for you. We will find out which services and products of the bank will be useful and which should be discarded. This lesson will be useful for corporate study if you are the owner of a company and your income depends on the decisions and financial literacy of employees.

Managing your own income is an important skill for those who want to increase their income. The financial security that insurance will provide is also important. We will discuss how you can insure your savings with maximum benefit.

You don’t need to graduate from business school to make money on real estate. As part of the training program, you will learn how you can save and invest your funds by investing in real estate. Let’s analyze what is more profitable: rent an apartment or sell it, buy a new building at the stage of a foundation pit, or give preference to a secondary building? Let’s get acquainted with the basics of financial security when working with realtors.

The Fundamentals of Finance course includes information on working with the stock markets. You will learn what it is, what mistakes should be avoided. Get acquainted with several types of exchanges, learn how to build a strategy and minimize risks.

When you have mastered the basic principles of forming a personal budget, you need to move on. The ability to predict will come in handy for those who are going to work on their income. We will discuss the principles of formation of savings and investments intended for the disabled period.

A good income is impossible without financial analysis. In the eighth lesson, we will learn how to extract the important from financial information and make forecasts. Only after mastering this science, you can move on to using the basic investment tools.

Rising income levels force people to seek and try different types of investment vehicles. We will share with you our experience with e-currency and tell you how to avoid many of the mistakes that beginners often make.

Once you have mastered planning your expenses wisely, it is helpful to become familiar with the system of taxation. We will find out why it is important to pay taxes and why you should not neglect your right to a tax deduction when paying for certain services (education, medicine, etc.). Online education will give you the opportunity to master new information without interrupting your work and study.

We learned the basics of financial literacy in our online course and can now move on to planning. After the lesson, you will be able to create your own strategy.

Money must be carefully protected. We will discuss common scams and frauds in which attackers seek to embezzle your funds.